The Dance of Nature

Here are six new pieces I just created for a show at the Fullerton Art Walk this Friday!

It was really fun to create these little 4×5 watercolors! I just love watching the colors spread and blend together. I move the board around and watch the colors dance along the paper. It is so beautiful. As I turn the board the colors and water flow where they want and I only have so much control. For a moment I am the creator, and the next only an observer.

If you would like to see them in person, they will be displayed at:

The Magoski Arts Colony

223 West Santa Fe Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832

Little Blue Vase

Ever wake up and not want to rush over to your computer to check facebook or begin the days work?.. this is how I felt yesterday. I just needed to get my hands on some paint and make something cool. I remembered that I have an old orangina bottle that I’ve been saving. I decided it would be fun to paint the inside of it to make it more colorful and shelf worthy. Here is my process below:

First I placed some scrap paper down to protect the surface of my table. Then I got out all my supplies. Paints, brush, bottle, and water jar… and oh yes, coffee!

Once I mixed my paint to my desired color, I began by brushing the bottom and upper neck of the bottle. As I did this I realized that I would not be able to reach parts of the bottle using my brush. To insure that all surfaces were covered I mixed up more paint, added water and poured it inside the bottle. From there I spun the bottle slowly and watched as every section became covered in paint.

The end result a beautiful vase that is colorful, yet maintains its shiny glass finish. Excited to create more of these soon in different colors!